Creating innovative thinkers

Why Montessori?

Here at Inn Street Montessori we structure our curriculum and philosophy based on the wonderful work of Dr. Maria Montessori.  Our staff members also create lessons derived from their expertise and interests, which adds a personal touch to our school that can’t be replicated. Montessori education inspires children to become curious, lifelong learners. Here is how that happens in an Inn Street Montessori classroom:

Montessori Education is child centered.

Inn Street teachers observe the students and suggest learning activities that will interest and motivate them. We continually adapt the learning environment to provide optimal conditions for the child’s success. The teacher acts as a guide, encouraging the child to explore, investigate, and learn.

Montessori Education fosters independence, self-discipline, and self-confidence.

At Inn Street, young children learn to care for themselves and their environment and to choose work independently. As they grow older, they learn to manage their time and focus on long-term projects.

Montessori Education creates a nurturing environment.

Children learn to ask for help when they need it, and to give help when they can. They have ongoing opportunities to work with peers of different ages, and are encouraged to collaborate, help and teach each other.

Children use multi-sensory “hands-on” materials to learn and understand concepts.

The work environment is attractive and organized to enable children to learn at their own pace. Students work with carefully designed materials at increasingly abstract levels. They develop a firm understanding of concepts at a concrete level, and later build on those concepts as they mature into abstract thought.

Montessori Education cultivates respect and empathy.

Inn Street teachers encourage cooperative work and teach conflict-resolution skills. Students are kind and respectful to each other and their environment.