Voices of our community

A Few Words From Our Friends

“Our three sons have spent a combined total of eighteen years at Inn Street, with four precious years to go! I try not to think about the day when I no longer have a real reason to be here: to feel its snug good cheer on a drizzly day; to watch knowledge and creativity being vividly shared; to laugh with other parents as we volunteer together; to witness the mastery and enthusiasm of children presenting their research to their peers and parents; to team up with the teachers who know and advocate for our child (everyone’s child); to wonder at the way our boys have blossomed into engaged and achieving learners; to see a whole school, from wide-eyed first-years to sophisticated eighth-years, relish in the warm bonds of community. (Don’t even get me started on the lump-in-the-throat-inducing annual Peace Gathering!) I’m not overstating when I say that Inn Street and the Montessori philosophy have been invaluable in, and inseparable from, the raising of our family.

And I know that we’ll always be welcome at our beloved Inn Street!”

- Susan Murray-Campbell, Inn Street parent

“Inn Street is a place where the town serves as our campus. The Merrimac River flows a stone’s throw away from our classroom. We could ride a bike to the Atlantic Ocean. The town greens and parks serve as playgrounds and open spaces for contemplation, silly times with friends, places to stretch our legs and run free. Lunches are delivered from local eateries. Parents come and go. We are familiar with each other. Inn Street is a happy place for children and those of us who enjoy being with children.”

- Karianna Brace, Inn Street teacher

“It feels like home when I’m there. I love being with my friends and my teachers are always nice, and say nice things to me that make me feel happy.”

- Mia, Inn Street student

“Elease and the teachers and staff at Inn Street Montessori embody the enthusiasm, creativity and professionalism that we were looking for in a Montessori school. It is so refreshing to transition to a school where parents are not kept at arm’s length from their child’s daily academic and social experiences.  We are new to Inn Street Montessori this academic year and appreciate the welcoming feeling that we, as a family, have experienced in our daughter’s Lower Elementary classroom and within the entire school community. She loves Fridays because of the Community Meeting, where she gets to sit and talk with the Upper Elementary and Middle School students and teachers. As parents, there is no better feeling than to know that you are leaving your child in a school where safety, community and progressive, creative academic work are paramount. We look forward to watching our daughter learn and grow within this supportive community of teachers, students and support staff.”

- Heather Day & Dave Cropper, Inn Street parents